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Restoration House
PO Box 3046  Monroe, NC  28111

March 2015

Good Morning. As I sit and try to put into words what I need to convey to you I am flooded with memories. Restoration House began in 2000 through the vision of Pastor Dom Duarte. He knew that men could be changed in their beliefs, their thinking and in the way they lived. He knew that the devil was here to kill, steal and destroy the lives of men but he also knew that they could have life and life more abundantly. John 10:10. Through this belief Restoration House Ministries was born.

Since the year of 2000 hundreds of men have come through Restoration House. Many lives have been changed because of the belief that God can change your life, that you can live in the world but you don't have to be of the world. Not all get it at first but somewhere down the line they remember what they were taught at Restoration House. I was at the prison at Tabor City recently and saw a young man that had been at Restoration House. He had just gotten there and was thinking about Restoration House. He heard there was church that night and decided to go. It just happened to be the night we were there. He spoke of how he remembered the things that he was taught about God while there and how he wished he had not walked away. Dom always spoke of Proverbs 24:11. We are to rescue the perishing; and not hesitate to step in and help. He also taught me that if only one man's life gets changed through this ministry then we have done what God has called us to do.

When Dom went to be with the Lord in 2010 I was asked to be the overseer of the ministry. I prayed and God confirmed that I was to be there. I knew that if Restoration was God's ministry then it would survive and it has. We have struggled during the winter months but God has always been faithful.

This winter has been extremely hard. I am in fear of having to close down Restoration House. Our giving has been very low and I have not been able to send out any newsletters because I have had to decide whether to pay rent or another bill or be behind and send a newsletter.

I believe in what God is doing here so strongly that I chose from the very beginning not to receive pay from this ministry. Marty is paid but not what he is worth to this ministry. I am asking for you to please consider helping to continue Gods work. My heart is crying out to God and to you for help. This is a heavy burden on my heart.


913.00 Rent
150.00 Water
200.00-450.00 Power
60.00 house phone
400-600 food (with the use of their food stamps) ½ goes to house
200.00-400.00 gas
250 insurance on vehicle
250 insurance on RH
50-150 pharmacy (depending on the health of the guys)

I am sure I have missed something; we also help them to get their ID's, clothes for some.

Restoration House is not just for the guys we also assist those in the community with food and services. We check on those who cannot do for themselves and try to help them. This is free to those who truly need.

I pray God's many blessings on you all and I ask for your prayers in return.


Pastor Lee Gant

Restoration House Ministries
PO Box 3046
Monroe, NC 28111

Pastor Marty Ellis
Restoration House Ministry
PO Box 3046
Monroe NC 28111